The Best Superhero Movies That You’ve Missed

Animated films have produced some of the most notable comic book films. In the last decade, there have been an incredible number of superhero films released, and more are on the way. If you’re jumping in your cinema seat for the next protector of the poor, savior of the weak movie, then let us guide […]

In an action-packed trailer, Red Stone sequel Boon reintroduces Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough reprises his role as mercenary Nick Boon in the Red Stone sequel, which will be released in theaters and on VOD in April. The official trailer for Boon, the sequel to last year’s action-thriller Red Stone, has been released by Cinedigm. The sequel, which reintroduces Neal McDonough in the lead role, also reintroduces Derek Presley as director, with the two picking up where they left off to expand Nick Boon’s story. The film will be released in […]