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Avatar: The Way of Water trailer premiere
Trailer premiere: First look at “Avatar: The Way of Water”

On December 14, we finally return to the strikingly beautiful planet Pandora. The thirteen-year wait is soon over. In December, we will return to the strikingly beautiful Pandora and let James Cameron sweep us on new adventures. After a few days of exclusive cinema screenings, the first teaser trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” […]

The Upcoming Top Gun 2 Release
I Feel The Need… The Need For a Gun Top Sequel!

Upon its release, Top Gun was an absolute sensation. The most noteworthy and highest earning film of the year, it sold 47 million film tickets in America alone. Enough to keep it playing on in excess of 1,000 screens cross country for five straight months-and broke home media records. The film was, in a flash, […]

15 Things You Didn't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

He broke through with a bang in 1997 when he charmed an entire world as Jack Dawson in the film that can not have escaped anyone at this point, Titanic. Since then, it has gone “into the fucking stratosphere” for Leonardo DiCaprio, who has impressed and fascinated us again and again with his brilliant contributions […]

In an action packed trailer Red Stone sequel Boon reintroduces Neal McDonough
In an action-packed trailer, Red Stone sequel Boon reintroduces Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough reprises his role as mercenary Nick Boon in the Red Stone sequel, which will be released in theaters and on VOD in April. The official trailer for Boon, the sequel to last year’s action-thriller Red Stone, has been released by Cinedigm. The sequel, which reintroduces Neal McDonough in the lead role, also reintroduces Derek Presley as director, with the two picking up where they left off to expand Nick Boon’s story. The film will be released in […]

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will star in a sequel to 'I Am Legend'
Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will star in a sequel to ‘I Am Legend’

Will Smith has had a pretty good 2022. The superstar has already received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his performance in the sports drama “King Richard,” and he looks to return to a role that audiences may not have expected. A sequel to “I Am Legend” is being planned by Warner Bros. Smith […]

Highly Anticipated Erotic Thriller ‘Deep Water’ starring Ben Affleck & Ana De Armas to premiere March 18
Highly Anticipated Erotic Thriller ‘Deep Water’ starring Ben Affleck & Ana De Armas to premiere March 18

It was suppose to happen already earlier this year, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas bumping beauties on the big screen, but 20th Century Studios either lost their nerve or didn’t believe in the film as a big-screen effort. Instead, the long-awaited erotic thriller, which was originally scheduled for January 2022, will now be available […]

The 20 Most Viewed Documentaries You Can Watch on Youtube for Free
The 20 most viewed documentaries you can watch on Youtube for free

What can be better than a well-produced, interesting and captivating documentary? Perhaps one that’s available to you completely free of charge! We set out to compile a list of all the most viewed, free documentaries on Youtube. This so that you can binge it right here, without a single dollar spent. So make those popcorn […]

The Adam Project
Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and others supporting Ryan Reynolds as he discovers his younger self in ‘The Adam Project’

In a new clip from the upcoming sci-fi adventure film The Adam Project, Netflix gives us a look at Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Walker Scobell. The action-packed clips, which were released as part of Netflix’s preview for the films set to debut on the streaming service in 2022, star Reynolds as Adam Reed, Walker […]

Another Scream movie in the making
The sequel to ‘Scream’ will begin production this summer, is it long awaited or dreaded?

Legacy sequels appear to be a dime a dozen these days, particularly in the horror genre. We’re about to see the release of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on Netflix, which is hoping to replicate the success of “Halloween” (2018). And earlier this year, “Scream” became a bit of a sleeper hit at the box office and […]

The Who biopic 'The Real Me,' directed by Paul Whittington, will begin production this summer
The Who biopic ‘The Real Me’ directed by Paul Whittington, will begin production this summer

Here we go, another cool rock band is getting a biopic. According to Variety, the long-in-development biopic about The Who, tentatively titled “The Real Me,” is finally getting underway. Similarly to how “Bohemian Rhapsody” focused on Freddie Mercury’s life and career while keeping the Queen story in the background, it appears “The Read Me” will […]