Rumor has it that Quentin Tarantino wants the actor to play a heavyweight in the western film.
Viggo Mortensen has stayed away from the spotlight in recent years, but now that may change. According to the New York Daily News, Quentin Tarantino wants Mortensen for his western film “The Hateful Eight”.

According to the newspaper, Tarantino was seen at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, New York, where the filmmaker discussed the script and Viggo Mortensen’s name came up. What emerged during the loud discussion was that the actor should play a ruthless gang leader.

What we do know about the plot is that it takes place in Wyoming and revolves around some bounty hunters who seek protection during a snowstorm, but end up in the middle of a conspiracy filled with betrayal and betrayal.

In August, it was also announced that Jennifer Lawrence was up for a role, but nothing new has happened on that front.

Filming will start in January and the film will be ready by autumn 2015.

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