06.01.09 | Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Confirmed for Spielberg’s Tintin

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Tintin and MilouSimon Pegg and Nick Frost will play bumbling detectives Thompson and Thomson in Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's two-pic "Tintin" project.

The 3-D performance-capture films, based on Georges Remi's comicbooks and co-financed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, will center on Tintin's adventures as a fearless reporter.

Captain Haddock will be played by Andy Serkis however the role of Tintin has yet to be cast. Thomas Sangster had been set for the role, but exited when the project was delayed due to funding difficulties caused by the DreamWorks/Paramount split.

The film is schedule for release 2010.

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20.11.08 | Steven Spielberg and Will Smith Remaking Oldboy?

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Oldboy (2003)DreamWorks is currently working to secure the remake rights to Chan-wook Park's 2003 film Oldboy. Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in early discussions to collaborate on the remake, with Smith potentially starring and Spielberg potentially directing. They're currently searching for a screenwriter to begin developing the project while Spielberg finishes directing Tintin.

Oldboy centres on a man's mysterious kidnapping, 15-year imprisonment and feverish quest for revenge upon being released.

Oldboy (2003) trailer