17.12.08 | Maggie Q To Star In King Of Fighters

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A big-screen adaptation of the popular Japanese video game King of the Fighters has a femme fatal in Hong Kong action star Maggie Q, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Recently seen in the Hollywood sequel Live Free or Die Hard and the ping pong farce Balls of Fury, the limber actress also lent her voice and likeness to the Electronic Arts video game Need for Speed: Undercover. She was actually the first film star to be featured in an EA title.

Production will wrap in mid-January, with the pic skedded for delivery in the third quarter of 2009.

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15.12.08 | The Terminator Will be Back for a Fifth Film

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Terminator SalvationTerminator Salvation (trailer) scheduled to open on May 22, is the first of three planned films that will star Christian Bale (of “The Dark Knight”) as John Connor, a human freedom fighter battling the robot forces.

The Halcyon Company, which owns the rights to the “Terminator” series, announced the fifth film at the Dubai International Film Festival; no title or start date was given, but the movie is expected to be released in 2011.

Nevertheless, the Terminator will be back.

08.12.08 | Luke Perry and Lauren Holly join 'The Storm'

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Luke Perry and Lauren Holly have signed on to star in Uwe Boll's apocalyptic thriller, The Storm.

In the apocalyptic thriller, Holly plays a dedicated wife and mother who must deal with the end of days scenario - all heightened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Silas (Perry) who holds the key to the approaching doom.

Budgeted at $5 million, The Storm is currently shooting in Vancouver. Boll is directing and producing, alongside Brightlight Pictures' Stephen Hegyes and Shawn Williamson.

03.12.08 | Shia LaBeouf to star in 'Associate'

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Shia LaBeoufParamount Pictures has named Shia LaBeouf as the lead in the studio's adaptation of the forthcoming John Grisham legal thriller The Associate.

According to Variety, the 22-year-old actor will play a student who’s about to graduate from Yale Law School when he’s manipulated into accepting a job at a prestige law firm and given privileged information about a multibillion-dollar lawsuit.

The novel hasn’t even been released yet – it will be published in January by Random House.

01.12.08 | ‘Fame’ remake finds cast

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The cast is quickly growing for MGM’s remake of Alan Parker’s 1980 musical “Fame,” and here are the latest additions:

Debbie Allen, Charles S. Dutton, Kelsey Grammer, Megan Mullally and Bebe Neuwirth - all for the roles of instructors and supervisors.

Production begins Wednesday, with Kevin Tancharoen directing. As with the 1980 original, the remake follows dancers, singers, actors and artists from auditions to graduation at the New York City High School of Performing Arts.

Parker’s original musical won two Academy Awards in 1981: best original score and best original song.