30.10.08 | Zeta-Jones to play Cleopatra

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Catherine Zeta Jones is in discussions to play Cleopatra in a forthcoming 3D musical of her life.

The film currently entitled, 'Cleo', has been described as a "3D live action rock 'n' roll musical" by 'Variety'. It will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, who is currently working on a biopic of pianist Liberace, starring Zeta-Jones' husband, Michael Douglas.

The Welsh-born actress will play the infamous Egyptian queen, while Hugh Jackman, who starred in 'X-Men', is in negotiations to play her Roman lover, Mark Antony.

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24.10.08 | Jason Bourne is back again!

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Matt DamonUniversal will produce a fourth installment in the popular "The Bourne Identity" franchise, according to Variety.

It has been recently reported that Damon has changed his mind about returning for a fourth installment, even though he seemed very confident during the 2007 Cannes interview. "I'm definitely done with that. I think we've ridden that horse as far as we can. The character lives on in the books and if someone else wanted to play it it, I guess they could."

The last instalment The Bourne Ultimatum earned some $450m (£258m) around the world, but was widely expected be the last film in the hugely successful franchise.

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20.10.08 | Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard in Iron Man sequel

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Don CheadleIn 2010, Iron Man 2 is scheduled to come out, with Robert Downey Jr donning Tony Stark's armor again. It was expected that Terrence Howard, who plays Stark's army friend Jim Rhodes, would also get to suit up as Rhodes' comic book alter ego, War Machine. But if War Machine flys with Iron Man in the sequel, it won't be Howard under the mask.

This isn't the first time comic book franchises have recast roles. Lead characters like Batman, Superman and other heroes get new actors all the time, but in this case, it is a supporting character that is played by a new actor. But this has been done before by a franchise that Iron Man wants to live up to, the new Batman series.

16.10.08 | Gordon Gekko Making Comeback In Wall Street Sequel

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Michael DouglasFox has confirmed it is in the early stages of developing a sequel to Oliver Stone's 1987 movie Wall Street.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Allan Loeb, who recently wrote 21 starring Kevin Spacey, is currently penning a script for the movie, entitled Money Never Sleeps. Michael Douglas has reportedly expressed interest in reprising the role of ruthless financial dealer Gekko - who was left facing a prison sentence due to illegal business transactions.

However, Douglas - who won an Oscar for his part in the original movie - is waiting to see a script before he signs up.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Charlie Sheen will return as the ambitious stockbroker Bud Fox, or if Stone has any interest in returning for directorial duties.

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11.10.08 | Jamie Foxx is a 'Law-Abiding Citizen'

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Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx is being tipped to take the lead role in a new thriller from Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont.

The movie will center on a successful assistant D.A., played by Butler, who winds up at the center of a vigilante justice plot brought forth by a man who has been a victim of the legal system, played by Foxx. Foxx's character deals with a serious miscarriage of justice when one of the people who murdered his wife and daughter is set free due to a plea bargain. He initiates personal revenge against the killers and those who aided them in receiving their freedom. Butler will produce via his Evil Twin shingle.

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09.10.08 | 'Tempest' cast includes Helen Mirren

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Helen MirrenDame Helen Mirren is to take the lead role a forthcoming adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest, the US media reports.

The film, being produced by Bob Chartoff, Lynn Hendee and Julia Taylor-Stanley, is eyeing a November start date in Hawaii. Miramax has acquired the rights to all English-speaking territories; Icon is handling foreign sales.

Other confirmed actors and actresses are Jeremy Irons, Djimon Hounsou, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina, Ben Wishaw and Felicity Jones.

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04.10.08 | DreamWorks announces 'Kung Fu Panda' sequel

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Kung Fu PandaA sequel to the animated comedy Kung Fu Panda has been given the green light for a June 2011 release.

Jack Black will return to voice the lead character in the follow-up, as will Angelina Jolie, according to Variety.

Black, Jolie and Dustin Hoffman all voice various characters in the original Dreamworks animation, which tells the story of lazy bear Po (Black) and his attempt to control the destiny of the Valley of Peace.

The comedy was one of the surprise hits of the summer, raking in some $626 million worldwide (£353.8 million).

It will be released on DVD on November 9, along with a new companion short, "Secrets of the Furious Five."

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01.10.08 | De Niro and Scorsese reunite for mob flick

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Robert De NiroMartin Scorsese and Robert De Niro are to set to bring a new tale of organised crime to the screen in the shape of I Heard You Paint Houses.

Charles Brandt's book - the title of which is a reference to the blood splattered during contract killings - tells of a mob assassin thought to have been responsible for more than 25 murders.

Frank 'the Irishman' Sheeran, whom De Niro will play, is also believed to have been involved in the murder of the notorious Teamster chief Jimmy Hoffa.

The De Niro/Scorsese partnership has already produced some bona fide cinematic classics, such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino.